The purpose of this Website is NOT to sell a product or sell a service, but to inform, educate, and provide the visitor a means to contact ART/FDL Insurance Services if you would like to know more?

Because insurance buyers represent small business owners, medium and large companies, Association Groups, Industry pools.  And because the Insurance Buyer may be interested in; Liability Insurance, Trucking Insurance, Professional Liability for Doctors, Hospitals, Lawyers, Architects, Nursing Homes, etc.  Need a program for Workers’ Compensation, employment accident insurance, Group Health Plans, Health Savings Account programs, or other Employee Benefit Services.  Even some Buyers may need all of the above. This fact makes a Website not an appropriate forum to obtain information or to identify specifically with your specific needs.

The Website can tell you what ART Insurance Services is about and what ART Insurance Services can do for you.

ART Insurance Services appreciates your VISIT and encourages further inquiry.


                                                                                                F. Darrell Lindsey
                                                                                                Captive Manager
                                                                                                U.S. Licensed Broker